The Power of Live Reads

When it comes to radio advertising, there are various ways in which you can place your advertisements, one of which is live reads. A live read is usually a script or list of bullet points that are provided to a radio station’s on air talent who then read the script (or create a script based on the bullet points provided) live on air. Live reads and organic mentions greatly improve the performance of an advertising campaign and dramatically outperform produced spots. According to a new study on the effectiveness of broadcast ad campaigns conducted by AI tech provider Veritone, live reads deliver more than double the lift of prerecorded spots, particularly in large markets, where live reads were 12 times more effective than those in medium markets. 

Live reads have more of an impact on your audience than produced commercials because they sound more natural and they feel like they are coming straight from the DJ. Radio stations usually have a passionate fanbase who feel connected to the shows and hosts and hearing it come from someone they listen to on the radio daily is almost like getting a recommendation from a friend because it is always delivered conversationally, this can be powerful as listeners can feel they are being spoken to directly.

Live reads can greatly improve the engagement of your campaign if utilized correctly as well. Not only can you choose a radio station based on demographics, but you can also choose time of day and the person who delivers the message. A good read is natural and genuine, and being able to target your campaign to a niche audience will expand the rate of delivery on the message. 

Live reads are a great investment for any business. When giving on air talent the freedom to talk about a product based on bullet points and live on air, you have the possibility of developing more content for future advertising. Most radio stations will allow you to have a copy of the live read and reuse in future campaigns. When compared to TV ads, radio is much cheaper and doesn’t require as much production as something with a visual in it, making it more cost-efficient for a company. 

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