Honduras relief effort

The impact of Hurricane Eta has left hundreds of thousands of Hondurans homeless and without food or water. Our neighboring country needs your help!

We’re asking you to get behind this important cause and show your support by donating food and supplies that are in desperate need for many people who have lost everything.

The sorts of essential items needed include:
– Non-perishable canned food
– Can openers
– Water
– Blankets/Sleeping Bags
– Baby/infant clothing/diapers/wipes/baby formula/baby food
– Adult clothing
– Personal hygiene products
– Dog food
– Crocs/Tennis Shoes all sizes adults/kids

Make sure you pack your items accordingly. If you’re donating clothing separate it by gender and age range and please ensure your donations are of value, nothing already opened or damaged.

Donations can be made between now and November 20 at the following
– The Commonwealth – 1929 West Bay Rd
– Puritan Cleaners on Eastern Avenue
– Harbour House Marina on Marina Drive