Global boost in online radio listeners

With people around the world spending more time at home due to COVID-19, online radio listening has seen a boost, locally and around the world. 

Global, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment groups, has released data obtained via its own Global Player indicating sessions have risen by 40% and listening hours have increased by 59%. Additionally, Global conducted eight waves of tracking, engaging with more than 8,400 people since 18th March, confirming that 42% of people said they now listen to more radio. 

This data is particularly interesting as it pertains to listener habits opposed to specific radio brands.

At Hurley’s Media, we too have seen the same trend across our radio stations. Z99 saw a 50% increase in unique listeners. Bob FM saw a 31% increase in unique listeners and a 10% increase in listening hours which equates to roughly 2,000 hours per month. IRIE FM saw a 31% increase in unique listeners and Rooster a 50% increase. 

This data tells us that in times of crisis people are still turning to radio as a source of information and entertainment. 

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