Global advertising spend continues to see growth

As marketers and owners of companies, it is important to understand how global businesses are attributing their advertising and marketing spend and as this will strongly influence and shape the Cayman business community. 

A recent report from Zenith Media stated global advertisers will increase ad spend by 4.3% in 2020 as demand for advertising continues to grow. We will also see a 1.6% decrease in traditional mass media, such as print, mainly newspaper and magazine. Digital will continue to grow with ad spending being attributed to Google and Facebook expected to rise by 22%. However other media platforms offering digital advertising are expected to decline by 7.2%. 

It’s great to see global businesses setting the advertising standard high, investing in areas of advertising that works to meet their goals and objectives. This important data shows that more than ever it is vital that as marketers and business owners you understand the current global advertising trends and where best it is to spend your marketing dollars.

To get ahead of competitors, it is important that small and large businesses continue to grow with the ever changing landscape, to ensure they are reaching their target audience using the right platforms through brand building campaigns. 

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