What if we told you there was an opportunity to promote your brand or services to a room full of people already interested in the industry your business is in? You’d think it is an opportunity too good to miss, right?


Hurley’s Media will be hosting the fourth annual Builders Expo on 20 February, 2021 along with the first ever Island Living and Wellness Show, expected to take place in May 2021. 

Trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, whatever it is you like to call them, are a fantastic way to increase brand awareness, grow your customer base and sell products. But there are a few things you should consider to make the most out of this opportunity. Here are five tips to successfully market your business at a trade show:

  1. Set goals and objectives 

Create a list of goals and objectives your business aims to achieve by being at an expo. This gives you and your trade show staff a goal to work towards to ensure you’re creating value in being there.  Example goals might be, collect X amount of sales leads, sell X number of products or conduct X amount of product demonstrations. Whatever your goals are, define them and yield methods of how you can achieve them. 

  1. Set up a memorable display 

What better way to grab attention than having a stand out display that draws crowds to your booth? Create a set up that is memorable and showcases what your brand is all about. Aside from printed materials and banners, think of ways you can creatively demonstrate your services or products. 

Hurley’s Media works with AI Rentals for the Builders Expo and they are offering 10% off their services plus free delivery to any confirmed vendors who book before 12th February, 2021. Chat to the team at AI about how you can create something unique, email [email protected]

  1. Promote your attendance 

Promote your business will be at the expo to generate engagement and people visiting your stand. Talk about what your business will be doing and special offers, anything to create hype and interest. Leverage your social media platforms and CRM to encourage your customer base to visit. 

  1. Sharpen your networking skills 

Be prepared to spend all day networking and potentially selling to new customers. Sometimes this doesn’t always come naturally, ensure your staff feel comfortable conversing with customers and peers, after all this is a sales pitch. 

  1. Capture names and emails 

You’ve got someone’s attention, you’ve made them aware of your brand, you didn’t make a sale but you did create interest, what’s next? Take their name and email address and add them to your CRM. Send them a personalized email after the expo thanking them for visiting your stand and provide them an exclusive offer or discount. 

Want to get your business involved in the 2021 Builder’s Expo? Chat to your Hurley’s Media Sales Representative today about how this event will increase your customer base and generate sales for your business.