Five benefits of cinema advertising

With the reopening of the Camana Bay Cinema, many businesses in Cayman are integrating cinema advertising into their marketing strategies to further enhance and elevate their brand. 

Cinema advertising is a great way to put your brand in front of a seated and captive audience. It is a powerful form of advertising as cinema commercials have a much higher memory retention rate than traditional TV advertising. Here are five benefits of investing in cinema advertising:

  1. Captive and engaged audience 

Cinema advertising allows you to show your message to a CAPTIVE, ATTENTIVE and ENGAGED audience as they can’t skip, swipe, or mute the commercial on the big screen. Surveys indicate that movie goers consider advertisements as part of the overall movie watching experience and therefore being one of the most widely accepted forms of advertising. Owing to this, cinema advertising has higher impact than TV Advertising with studies showing that they were twice as likely to be recalled.

  1. Select your target audience

Advertise selectively to reach your target audience. Given the movie it is, it is easy to profile the audience that it attracts. For example, a luxury car company might choose to advertise with a Marvel franchise like Iron Man, based on the type of audience this movie would attract. Picked well, each campaign matched with the audience can deliver 10X impact and top of mind recall.

  1. Longer duration to tell your story 

Distracted viewers can be an issue with many forms of advertising, however taking advantage of the captive nature of cinema advertising can allow you to tell your brand story in a longer format without losing your audience’s attention and ensuring a positive experience and recall.

  1. Boost your brand image. 

By having your brand shown on the big screen right before large scale blockbuster films, usually with multi-million-dollar production budgets, this helps elevate your brand by doing nothing more than simply advertising in the cinema. Research has shown that ads shown in cinema screens were eight times more effective at making a brand stand out than television.

  1. Integrated campaign performance 

Simply put, brands or campaigns that take an inclusive approach of all media will perform better as reinforcements lend to campaign success and better recall. Campaigns will have higher reach and create a unified and seamless experience for consumers if all marketing tactics are considered, including cinema.  

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