REEFS GO LIVE 2024 EPISODE 3: Reproduction on the Reef

08may10:00 am10:40 amREEFS GO LIVE 2024 EPISODE 3: Reproduction on the Reef


(Wednesday) 10:00 am - 10:40 am

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Coral reefs underpin much of marine life in our oceans, supporting species through various stages of their lifecycle. Corals are not only beautiful and diverse, but they are also remarkable in how they reproduce. In this broadcast, we will learn about the two main modes of coral reproduction: asexual and sexual. Join CCMI to discover how corals can clone themselves by fragmentation, creating new colonies from old ones and understand spectacular phenomenon of coral spawning, when millions of eggs and sperm are released into the water once a year.

We will also explore how coral reproduction affects the genetic diversity and resilience of coral reefs and why it is important to protect them from threats such as climate change, pollution, and overfishing.

Reefs Go Live expands and enriches informal science learning in Cayman and offers new resources for teachers locally and globally. CCMI has a vision of a world with vibrant oceans and healthy coral reefs. To make this vision a reality we undertake cutting edge, impactful research and transform this research into conservation and education initiatives that bridge the gap between knowledge and action. Reefs Go Live has transformed the way CCMI teaches about ocean literacy and as a result, we are transforming how children learn and engage in ocean science.

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The 2024 season of live episodes concludes with our final broadcast on June 7, which can be attended virtually or in-person at the Camana Bay Cinema. Both options are FREE and open to the public; school groups are encouraged to attend at the Cinema.

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