Who we are

Compass Centre, the home of Compass MediaFirst and foremost, we are local. We care about the things you care about – from the economy to the environment, from our quality of life to celebrating our culture.

We are passionate about our community and all of the things that make Cayman special.

Producing content from a local perspective provides the insight, connections, priorities and sensibilities that make it resonate. Whether it is reporting the news, shining a light on important issues, reflecting island musical tastes or creating visual design, we rely on local influence as our compass.

Our flagship product is the national newspaper of record, the Cayman Compass, supported by our four radio stations: Z99.9, Island FM – The Rhythm of Cayman 98.9, Rooster 101.9 and Gold Cayman 94.9.

Advertising in Cayman IslandsOur digital media house delivers up-to-the-minute news via our online platforms and social media channels.

The company also publishes the home and garden magazine InsideOut, as well as the health and wellness magazine Cayman Health.

In addition, the company’s commercial Print Shop offers a personalised service for all your printing needs such as magazines, programmes, brochures, and branded stationery.

Our experienced staff also creates unique content for companies and individuals from text, photography, and video services to entire branded magazines. Compass Media’s content creation team leverages its knowledge of the audience with its expertise on how to create truly remarkable content across different media channels.

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Why work with us


We operate locally in George Town, in the Cayman Islands.


We put everything we do out in the open.  


We only succeed with the trust of you and our community.


We depend on our imaginations to generate compelling and original ideas.


We are above all honest, especially when it is difficult.


We celebrate diversity of all kinds and discourage divisiveness.

Our mission

To inform, educate, entertain, celebrate, and convene our community through quality content and storytelling, all with the goal of making the Cayman Islands a better place each and every day.


Compass Media is owned by James Bergstrom, a well-known and highly respected local lawyer. James is Caymanian and grew up in the district of East End. As the proprietor of the Cayman Compass and four radio stations, it is important to James and his wife Laura Aull that the Cayman Islands has a responsible and respected news and entertainment programming at the heart of the community.