4 steps to ensure live radio endorsements are effective for your brand

Radio is a powerful advertising channel that offers rich targeting, huge reach and influence on purchase decisions. Using a radio endorsement can help take your marketing to the next level.

Radio, with its human voice to convince, can be used to persuade and influence listeners. Hurley’s Media radio personalities are well-known in our community and listeners feel a certain bond with their station hosts.

Let’s consider the facts:

  • 81% of listeners think of their favorite radio host or personality like a friend whose opinion they value
  • 83% directly stated that the radio host influences their opinion
  • 77% of listeners would try a brand recommended on-air
  • 51% have considered or purchased a product or service simply for the fact that the ad aired during their radio host’s show

There is no denying that radio hosts are influential with their audience, considered trustworthy and their opinion is often highly valued.  But what steps can you take to make live endorsements work for your brand?

  1. Chose a station based on your audience 

Understanding your target audience is key to choosing a station to endorse your product. This will ensure your endorsement is actually heard by the audience most qualified for your offering. For example, if JN Money were considering endorsements as part of their marketing plans, choosing IRIE would be the right fit for this brand as it attracts a prominently Jamaican audience. If you are unsure about the audience breakdown for each of the Hurley’s Media Radio stations, talk to your Sales Representative. 

  1. Chose a personality that believes in your brand 

The host or personality will be talking about your brand on your behalf, it is critical that the way they talk about your brand is genuine, no one will respond to a flat and unbelievable sales pitch. As noted above, listeners build a bond with their favorite radio hosts, they get to know them on a personal level, so what they promote needs to be align with their beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors.  

  1. Information and samples are key 

Ensure the personality has all the details about your product, give them access to resources and provide samples or experiences if possible. Ensure you take advantage of a meeting with your radio host, let them ask questions and listen to their experience with your brand. They should know exactly how to talk to your products without it sounding scripted. The more information they have, the better they can naturally endorse your product. 

  1. Develop a budget and plan 

Before investing in an endorsement, consider how this tactic will work with your overall marketing plan. An effective marketing campaign should be cohesive. Consider a cross channel approach where you integrate a media mix (radio ads, video, TV social media, digital etc.). Take advantage of the fact that listeners access their favorite personalities on multiple platforms, specifically social media.

Hurley’s Media can provide the best advice and assistance when recommending a personality for your brand, talk to your sales representative about the best station and personality to reach your target audience, email [email protected].